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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New competition doing well, lots of great stuff coming in! http://lacda.com/juried/juriedshow.html

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Santa Monica Bl. (Weho Gateway to 101) 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Downtown Film Festival L.A. is deciding dates for the festival. They want to make LACDA's DigitalArt.LA a premier whole day event on their schedule. We shall see...
Derek Haugen from iotaCenter approached me about showing my video work. Other curatorial collaborations possible also. http://bit.ly/bzhJl9

LACDA is sponsoring a screening by Dance Camera West in the bank vault that is underneath the Los Angeles Theater Center (cool new space!).

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Created a row of social network/web 2.0 links on the pages of lacda website. Below is link to LACDA flickr page festooned with various snaps of lacda events, installations, etc.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Rex Bruce: my new intern today was cool (he was wearing '70s jewish lady sunglasses /camo hat--it was working somehow), made prints.sold and dropped off a piece (of mine) in Venice to Fran Kranz --look him up, t.v. actor (was in a thing called Dollhouse). Gigantic loft condo thing. a cartoon of him was made by Simpsons people he showed me... L.A.... One of those parties at that collector Ann Jann's house tonight. heading off to that.
I met someone that was on Buffy the Vampire tonight at LOOK gallery. She was describing how she got ripped apart all gooey and everything. Got invited to a party at Raligh Studios for a new "Budapest" post-production some thingy or other. Not that hard up for free food and drinks, passed on that one.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Collectively 'the rest of us' have way more money than 'the ultra-rich' or 'corporate interests' to use for political clout. If on average each American spent $100 this month, that would be 30 BILLION dollars. Just place your best bets... moveon.org, repower america, organizing for america, National Initiative for Dem...ocracy, there are hundreds... The new and extremely powerful tool is the "Money Bomb." Exercizing this is the key to radical and immediate empowerment of the American populace. Below is a money bomb link to fund a political documentary (as an example).

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just sent this out:

LACDA at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art
"LA to OC - emphasis:EXTREME"

July 3rd - July 25th, 2009
Reception: Saturday July 18, 2009, 5-10pm at OCCCA

Orange County Center For Contemporary Art (OCCCA)
117 North Sycamore
Santa Ana, CA

"An artist can, whenever he or she feels like it, take things to a new level. In fact, this urge to challenge themselves and push the creative envelope is often nagging away at their brain. The question is, will the artist choose to listen or not? Will they take the plunge? Will they risk failure? Will they take their art to the extreme…?"

--Jeff Alu, Curator

On Saturday July 18, 2009 the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art will be hosting an opening reception at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, for the exhibition "LA to OC - emphasis:EXTREME". This exhibit brings ten of the downtown Los Angeles art galleries down to the OC to exhibit works of art from select artists. The galleries exhibiting are:

Bert Green Fine Art
Crewest Gallery
Deborah Martin Gallery
Hive Gallery
Integrated Circuits Gallery
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
Phyllis Stein Art
Todd/Browning Gallery

This exhibition, curated by Jeff T. Alu, brings together emerging, mid career and tenured artists with a common emphasis: each is committed to taking their art and creative process to a unique imaginative level. The artwork on display will range from kinetic sculpture to neon creations, computer generated imagery to more traditional art forms.

The exhibition will run July 3rd - July 25th at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

LACDA Artist's included:

Christopher Blum
Alex and Felix
Evan Yovaisis
Matthew Krueger
Rocky Reasoner
Rex Bruce

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Emailing Charlotte Cotton (photography curator at LACMA) my info., I talked to her earlier--she has a great U.K. twang. I worked for days putting together a shining eKit (new term?) for her (re-did my website, etc.), whew! I am artist, gallerist and P.R. firm in one. The art world is one of multiple hats -- esp. these days! Anyway sold (actually have $ for) 11 pieces at last count for this exhibit. Bites on more...


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tomorrow Howard Fox from LACMA is coming in to the gallery and we are going to look at all of the video that was submitted for DigitalArt.LA which was considerable in quantity. A piece came in from Bitforms Gallery produced by Steven Sacks in N.Y. that was particularly exciting. Howard is really funny, not what you would expect (pompous and academic--to be sure he does have the credentials). He is full of weird and somewhat transgressive art anecdotes. Very open minded, my favorite quality in a person.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Rex Bruce and Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA) Organize Digital Art Expo


digital art expo international
in downtown los angeles

Rex Bruce and Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA) are organizing a multi-site international digital art expo in the Gallery Row area of Downtown Los Angeles. The event involves exhibits by area galleries, the use of empty storefronts as exhibit spaces for out of area institutions and galleries (the equivalent of a free booth at an art fair), video installations at the Regent Theatre, circuit bender street music, street projections, video screenings at theaters and galleries, a plethora of tables promoting art friendly magazines, newspapers, the creative commons and all electronic frontiers, etc. As well there will be an international exhibit of juried submissions hosted by LACDA to be judged by Howard Fox, curator of contemporary art, LACMA.

The event will take place August 14-17, opening with the Downtown Art Walk. We are in collaboration with the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival, which is running on those exact dates and are providing support for the presentation at the Regent Theater (curated by Rex Bruce and Kelly Hargraves). As well, SIGGRAPH (a huge computer graphics and art convention) is at the L.A. Convention Center that week, we are hoping to line this up as an orbiting event. The last time SIGGRAPH was in L.A. we had a show "SYNAPSE" and a panel at the convention in collaboration with them.

Our event will bring enormous draw to the neighborhood, generate international promotion associated with important cultural institutions (raising the bar for Gallery Row), and generate traffic for our much beloved businesses, developers and restaurants. It will also be an art event of meritorious significance and great multicultural bounty satisfying all "brows" from low to high (at least in Rex's little head).

We are looking for available local spaces and galleries that wish to participate (even an add on digital "mini installation" in a window or performance/projection --you name it-- in front of the gallery outside of your scheduled event). We are also seeking out of area institutions and galleries that wish to be hosted by us. We are not hosting individual artists.

We already have a roster of some great names that will be participating confirmed, and unanimous support all around our community from those with whom I have discussed the concept.

Current roster of sponsors and participants:

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
Howard Fox, Curator of Contemporary Art, LACMA
UCR | California Museum of Photography
Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Danzig / Poland
Downtown Film Festival - Los Angeles
Austin Museum of Digital Art
Niche.LA Video Art
Found Gallery L.A.
Phantom Galleries L.A.
Creative Commons
Spring Arts Collective
Pharmaka Gallery
• Rowan Gallery
• Dale Youngman Gallery
• El Nopal Press
• Bert Green Fine Art
• Crewest Gallery

• Sphinx Studio
• Gilmore Associates
• Regent Theatre
• Artillery Magazine
• Coagula Art Journal
• Citizen L.A.

• Absolute Arts
• Art Deadlines
• It's Liquid
• FLUX Business Communications

Your input, participation and brilliance is welcome and needed!


Rex Bruce
Los Angeles Center For Digital Art
107 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Party pic: Artist Fumiko Amano in foreground, Morgan Lyons (host) in blue in background. Big place.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My two best collectors threw an artists' party at their outrageous penthouse loft downtown last Sunday for Rex Bruce and Pete Jackson (we show him at Los Angeles Center For Digital Art). They are super people and we had an engaging crowd of collectors, gallery people, arts writers, quality artists, as well as music and film people. It was a great salon environment. There were 138 people counted at the door. Peter Frank, Artillery people, a famous photographer I can't remember, tons of PWMs (people with money), a councilwoman from West Hollywood, lots of artists and downtown gallery people. I'm a white tornado.

Pic is of me with Peter Frank (L.A. Weekly critic and chief curator at Riverside Art Museum and various PWMs. There were two huge balconies, you could see the Hollywood sign and all of the skyscrapers and famous buildings downtown.

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Career Opportunities

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suspended ceiling money opportunities

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cybernetic Eye

All views simultaneously in equal amplitudes illuminate the newly mediated grid of the cybernetic network. A full bandwidth ontology unfurls where all theories collaborate and communicate instantaneously over a reverberant labyrinth of optical fibers. This is discursive critical mass-- no opinion can exist at the expense of another and all identities, genders, skins, species, preferences and desires are transmutable. The didactic dissolves and philosophy is aesthetisized as infinitely malleable and interactive audio-visual texts. Anteriorly recursive plagarisms download, mutate, intermix and upload again. Vocabulary becomes a poetics of redefinition, and concepts become the vertigo of a shimmering ideological spectrum moving at light speed.

This is the new music of the technologized psyche: the electronic symphony of every instrument and every note synchronously blended to one monolithic and ecstatic tone. A meditation. A multicultural morphing where all colors combine to create a brilliant light. Each computer screen is a glimpse-a partitioned selection-of this luminous digital site, of the total epistemic memory residing in the global database for instant retrieval, update, recombination and re-storage. This vortical workstation of the cybernet is a tributary, a feeding bottle or breast, and an hermaphroditic genital of the info-communicative circulatory/nervous system where through interaction we sate the antique dictum for being the smarter monkey that better survives a hostile nature, that better survives its own hostile nature.

n o i s e 2 s i g na l

Noise becomes the signal. Find the signal in the noise. Overexposed, overloaded, distorted, meters in the red. Hissing, scratched, discolored, alaised, unintelligble and unreadable. Lens flares. Warped, faded, clipping, bleeding, and humming. Dot screens, moiree patterns. Raster lines. Corrupted data. Feedback. Modem hash. Channel offsets. Degenerated dubs, replications and simulations.

Allow random access thoughts. Art is assembly language. Be a noise-to-signal processor. Processing and filtering all input. Be electronic. Sampling, capturing. Reconfiguring. Inputting, communicating, disseminating. Be a feedback loop. Be an answering machine. Be a disconncected number, out of service. Be a busy signal, unreachable. Be a signal. Be a system error, crash applications. Be an error message. Be an error. Be an assembly language translator. Be machine level code. Be code. Be corrupted streaming data. Be an alaised side effect. Be aliased.

Be noise.


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