Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pics of stuff from Radio Shack, "The Artist's Superstore"

Today was an eventful day. My BF (that means boy friend on gay sites) is into cats, his cat had six (SIX) kittens, it took all day. He is serious, takes them to shows and wins ribbons and bows. It is so GAY it is hard to handle, I know. I have video I will post soon, suffice with this pic for now.

I also went to ©Radio Shack© and bought a radio scanner and an infrared wireless surveillance camera that is a great combination! You can listen to the police and aim the surveillance camera at the scanner radio and project it. I instantly made art out of it. by combining them with a projector. I am going to us them to collect sounds and images. We have a show coming up with Pete Jackson who does infrared ultra-ultra-ultra-wide (90") landscapes of la la land. I want to do the lo res version of course, so this camera is perfect. It gets audio too.

I am going to record night time bottom feeder action on the streets downtown. *Bottom Feeder" is a not P.C. term for a brain damaged drug addict that attracts artists and photographers. I heard these local guys call them "L.B." which I found out stands for "Low Budget." How perfect. They were talking about a person who was defecating on the sidewalk. Very low budget. It is a war out there, I feel like I live in Calcutta on crack. I think it is getting better.

I was with an art broker in the earlier days of downtown, she was all pearls and hair and very adorable. We were walking down Main near Fifth and suddenly a woman bent over and urinated out from behind while we were exactly two feet away. It didn't even phase the woman I was with, it was amazing. She said "I used to work down here, don't worry." I knew she had the score. Never a dull moment. This was ten paces from the spot where I met Ed Ruscha (NAME DROP) two years later.

I decided not to use these people in my work, but now that I want to be a "FILM MAKER" it is such potent material, I will have to figure out how to weave it in. Its like we have this concentration camp of drug, alcohol, mental-health and poverty victims in the middle of our city, it is some sort of holocaust. I have been picking my way over it for years. Hollywood is the same but it is all hiding in the bushes. It all smells. I won't make art out of the smells.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

"Name Drops Keep Falling on My Head"
This will be the first of an ongoing series, when I think of my glamour moments... here are a few to start on

I met Jack Black at an opening in Culver City last weekend. I had too much wine, it was hard to remain coherent--what a night--I think he liked me. I asked if he could get my nephew a job (joking of course), I am a weird guy, but he liked me and asked me to stay when I tried to fade out. His wife is an artist, cool sexed-out voyeuristic stuff. She plays cello too, I found out. She is one of triplets and daughter of a famous jazz bassist.

I met Kenny Scharf at an opening in Culver City last weekend. I had too much wine, it was hard to remain coherent--what a night--he already knew me from before, went to his studio about a year ago. I asked him if we could show a video piece he did at the gallery and he said yes. He left the original behind, and has other tapes in a suitcase somewhere. Every single thing in his studio is painted up Dr. Sues / Kenny style. He has a whole painted up room in it with nothing but fish tanks.

I met director Joel Schumaker at an opening in my gallery. I had too much wine, it was hard to remain coherent--they were shooting the Number 23 in my building. It came out about a month ago. Jim Carry was standing outside, Beau Flynn, the producer came in and bought art. Joel bought the most bizarre thing we had. They were gay (not Jim) and hilarious, wearing fucked up jeans and longish hair. I had an opening at Niche L.A. of my art, so I had to leave, They are unbelievably rich. We dropped off art at Joel's house, I was the size of the TItanic. Did he direct that movie? He did Phantom of the Opera. His house was the size of the Paris Opera. Beau bought another bizarre piece when they finished the move ("a wrap" they call it, really), to give to Joel. It was picture of buffalo stampeding in a diorama at a natural history museum (by Diane Fox). Really odd photo, they loved it. I dropped it off at their studio offices in Hollywood, everyone stared at me at once when I came in, then Beau came out and got it from me. The famous people thing is totally nerve wracking, but I love it.

Mark Mothersbaugh (DEVO singer, movie composer, artist) was at an opening we had, he was in the show. I had too much wine, it was hard to remain coherent--he liked me, but too many people were taking pictures and video. It was hard to have a conversation with his wife, everyone kept butting in. We are showing him solo in 2008. His agent lives in North Carolina, which is odd, and is a really cool guy. He might start booking my art shows, he said he would years ago, I think I will ask him to do some now that I have a good new series going. Goddess knows he is hooked up with some galleries.

Went to a party at LACMA last wednesday for ArtScene, I can't remember everyone I met. I have a friend I take with me to remember everything, she will tell me who I met later so I can tell you.

Eddie Murphy walked by me once, I was drinking coffee at Buzz. Drew Barrymore was in line in front of me at Rite Aid and I didn't even know until my nephew flipped out all of a sudden. It was her. I had nothing to drink, I was at Rite Aid.

I talked to the Director of MOCA last week, I talked to two curators at MOCA last week, I talked to the contemporary art curator at LACMA last week. I had nothing to drink, it is just at the openings sometimes.

I really did all this, it is all true. I am really fucking tired, but I am doing this on my time off. I am determined to keep this blog going.

More name drops later.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

They are showing this video "WIDESCREEN" at the Pompidou in June, 2007. Finished it a couple of weeks back. Video is my new addiction. I just posted it to YouTube. I went to the ArtScene 25th anniversary party at LACMA on Wednesday and the whole panel was a big rant on digital this, youTube that, podcast this and blog that. I felt like a hog, since I have the only digital gallery in town and I do digital art. But I felt like I needed to get my shit together and start posting. So here it rolls...

In light of all of the new "combo" inventiveness (camera text web email moblog phone pda alarm clock radio music player...) I thought I would create some new combination product ideas. I made them into a poem for you today. You may steal my ideas and sell them.

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