Friday, February 19, 2010

Rex Bruce: my new intern today was cool (he was wearing '70s jewish lady sunglasses /camo hat--it was working somehow), made prints.sold and dropped off a piece (of mine) in Venice to Fran Kranz --look him up, t.v. actor (was in a thing called Dollhouse). Gigantic loft condo thing. a cartoon of him was made by Simpsons people he showed me... L.A.... One of those parties at that collector Ann Jann's house tonight. heading off to that.
I met someone that was on Buffy the Vampire tonight at LOOK gallery. She was describing how she got ripped apart all gooey and everything. Got invited to a party at Raligh Studios for a new "Budapest" post-production some thingy or other. Not that hard up for free food and drinks, passed on that one.

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