Monday, April 21, 2008

Rex Bruce and Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA) Organize Digital Art Expo


digital art expo international
in downtown los angeles

Rex Bruce and Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA) are organizing a multi-site international digital art expo in the Gallery Row area of Downtown Los Angeles. The event involves exhibits by area galleries, the use of empty storefronts as exhibit spaces for out of area institutions and galleries (the equivalent of a free booth at an art fair), video installations at the Regent Theatre, circuit bender street music, street projections, video screenings at theaters and galleries, a plethora of tables promoting art friendly magazines, newspapers, the creative commons and all electronic frontiers, etc. As well there will be an international exhibit of juried submissions hosted by LACDA to be judged by Howard Fox, curator of contemporary art, LACMA.

The event will take place August 14-17, opening with the Downtown Art Walk. We are in collaboration with the Downtown Los Angeles Film Festival, which is running on those exact dates and are providing support for the presentation at the Regent Theater (curated by Rex Bruce and Kelly Hargraves). As well, SIGGRAPH (a huge computer graphics and art convention) is at the L.A. Convention Center that week, we are hoping to line this up as an orbiting event. The last time SIGGRAPH was in L.A. we had a show "SYNAPSE" and a panel at the convention in collaboration with them.

Our event will bring enormous draw to the neighborhood, generate international promotion associated with important cultural institutions (raising the bar for Gallery Row), and generate traffic for our much beloved businesses, developers and restaurants. It will also be an art event of meritorious significance and great multicultural bounty satisfying all "brows" from low to high (at least in Rex's little head).

We are looking for available local spaces and galleries that wish to participate (even an add on digital "mini installation" in a window or performance/projection --you name it-- in front of the gallery outside of your scheduled event). We are also seeking out of area institutions and galleries that wish to be hosted by us. We are not hosting individual artists.

We already have a roster of some great names that will be participating confirmed, and unanimous support all around our community from those with whom I have discussed the concept.

Current roster of sponsors and participants:

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art
Howard Fox, Curator of Contemporary Art, LACMA
UCR | California Museum of Photography
Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Danzig / Poland
Downtown Film Festival - Los Angeles
Austin Museum of Digital Art
Niche.LA Video Art
Found Gallery L.A.
Phantom Galleries L.A.
Creative Commons
Spring Arts Collective
Pharmaka Gallery
• Rowan Gallery
• Dale Youngman Gallery
• El Nopal Press
• Bert Green Fine Art
• Crewest Gallery

• Sphinx Studio
• Gilmore Associates
• Regent Theatre
• Artillery Magazine
• Coagula Art Journal
• Citizen L.A.

• Absolute Arts
• Art Deadlines
• It's Liquid
• FLUX Business Communications

Your input, participation and brilliance is welcome and needed!


Rex Bruce
Los Angeles Center For Digital Art
107 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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